Ripple Fold Curtain Hardware

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Turn regular panels into elegant ripple-fold curtains. This item is an add-on product. When ordering together with the motorized track system, we will install the ripple-fold mechanism into your track and turn it into a ripple-fold curtain rail. There are two components in this ripple-fold product: the carriers that installed inside of the motorized track and the snap-tape that will be sewed on top of a curtain hem--either by us if you order the curtain from us, or by your seamstresses.

Simply add this product in addition to your motorized track to complete the order. Unsure about how the process works? Please call us at 877-480-7787; we are here to help.

(Item includes ripple-fold carriers and snap-tapes, tracks are not included)  

How To Choose Options 

1. Track Width

The total length of the track you are ordering or planning to use.

2. Carrier Spacing

The ripple-fold curtain is like a series of half-pipes or S-shape waves. A cord tie to the carriers defines the space between them. The cord length between two carriers is the diameter of the half-pipes, determines the span of the wave when the curtain is closed.


There are two spacing types. The 2.36" (6 cm) one is more popular, which gives more waves within the same track length compared to the larger one. However, because more waves mean more carriers, the curtain stack back size (the amount of space that a drape will take up when it is opened) would be larger. Therefore, if you would like to reduce the stack back size, chose the 3.15" (8 cm) carrier spacing instead.

3. Snap Spacing

As illustrated below, the snap spacing on the tape determines how high the wave is - the wider between snaps, the deeper the waves. However, bigger waves mean you would need more curtains to fill up the same track length (more in-depth look). So if you are concerning about needing too much fabric, chose the narrower snap spacing instead.







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