How To Choose Options

Mouse over the swatches to view fabric and click on the swatch to select.
Gathered Width:
Unlike most stores use the width of a panel measured when it is laid flat, so the value looks bigger; we use Gathered Width. This value is the final installed width while the panels are in full fullness (folding like ripples). The Gathered Width equals the actual width that you want your window treatment to cover, in most cases that is the width of your window frame. When the same value of Gathered Width panel laid flat, it could become twice as wide as other stores would label it. Click here to learn more about the gathered width and how to correctly measure Width and Height.

Split Into How Many Panels:
If you like center open or two-way draw curtain, you should make it into a 2 panels set. If you prefer one-way draw, make the entire width with just one panel. No matter how many panels you make, the total combine width of all panels equals to the Width you specified in the step above.
The Height represents the tall-wise that you want your window treatment to cover. Note with the exception of Grommet and Rod-pocket styles, the measurement is from the top of the curtain rod (or track) all the way down to the bottom of the window treatment (aka "Rod Height"). This measurement will NOT necessarily be the exact height of the panel itself. Some panels use hooks to hang under the rod or track, therefore, the top of the panel is lower than the rod or track. (Luckily, you don't have to worry about these details. We will do the correct subtraction according to the design you chose). Click here to learn more about how to correctly measure the Height.

Panel Style:
Select the finished style you would like for the top edge of your panels: pleats, grommets, pockets, or etc. Click here to learn the pros and cons for each style.

Lining (Optional):
Choose whether you would like the backside of your panels to be lined with a decorative fabric. More details...
Upload Photo (Optional):
If you like you may take a few photos of your windows and upload them to our website so we can review them and offer you some design ideas. More details...
Comments (Optional):
Let us know if you have any special instructions for your order or uploaded photos.
Enter how many sets you want to purchase, not how many panels. Each set comes with two panels (or the number of panels you specified in the previous steps). If you have several windows and you are using identical panel set (same design, fabric and size), you may select multiple quantities. Otherwise, make a separate order for each window.
When submitting an order, you may choose the option not to enter your credit card number or other payment information. You may also checkout as a guest and not register or sign up. So go ahead and place your order; you'll still have time to change or cancel it! We will contact you later to verify measurements and other information to ensure accuracy before we ask for your payment. Your information will be secured and strictly protected.