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Q. So ... Why do I need fine window treatments?

A. "Fine window treatments are for the rich, and only for the most expensive houses."

"I could never afford them!"

These are common misconceptions about window treatments.

"I have the windows covered, why bother with anything else?" Some people think that fine window treatments in their home are an unnecessary luxury.

Actually, window treatments are much less expensive than you think! And window treatment is the most important part of your decoration; you can't expect to have an elegant space with only cheap blinds hanging over the windows.


Artfully dressed windows are the visual focal point of any room, large or small. They can set the tone for your entire décor and provide warmth and a feeling of luxury far beyond simple light control and privacy functions. Even with modest furnishings, the right window coverings can make your house instantly feel like a luxury paradise. Just as a well-designed dress brings out a woman's beauty, fine window treatments create elegance in any ordinary room.


Dressing your windows up with fine, handcrafted window treatments can be the easiest and most affordable way to transform an ordinary room into a showplace. Yes, there are other much more expensive alternatives, such as replacing furniture, buying expensive decorations, and even fine artwork ...but none has the kind of dramatic "wow" impact of finely crafted window treatments, not to mention that they add substantial appeal value to your home ... all with a minimal investment.


And when you buy from us, even the most visually stunning window coverings are surprisingly inexpensive. This means there is no reason to settle for common (and boring) window blinds or drapes that hide the beautiful potential of every room. We've made it easy and inexpensive to transform any room in your house into an elegant living space. With us, affordable luxury and grace are at your fingertips.

Q. Why should I order window treatments from you?

A. First, we will save you a lot of money over high-priced "boutique" designers and shops, and with comparable or better quality!

Every window has its own unique character and environment, so there are no high-quality one-size-fits-all products that you can buy off the shelf. Window treatments need to be custom-tailored to fit your windows. Usually, this requires that you hire an interior designer or decorator to design, and an installer to finish the work. Hiring a designer has many drawbacks, foremost, they are often outrageously expensive because the designer charges a huge markup. Even a simple, custom window treatment routinely costs over a thousand dollars, and this is before you pay the installation fees!

When you use our intuitively interactive website, you won't need to hire anyone to order your hand-made designer window treatments and you can easily install them yourself. Just imagine how much money you can save by avoiding expensive interior designers and installers! You get all the advantages of custom window-coverings without the outrageous costs!

Also you get the valuable benefit of our close relationship with some of the world's finest and largest fabric manufacturers. This allows us to acquire the finest materials available, at significantly lower prices. You may find that our finished product costs less than buying just the material at your local fabric store.

Secondly, using our user-friendly website, seeing exactly what you are getting is right at your fingertips. With the old-fashioned way of purchasing window coverings, you are in for a time consuming and often frustrating process. And, you won't know how everything will look until it's finished, which is too late. Typically, the only information you will have are the interior designer's hand sketches (if you even get that), and some fabric swatches that are like typical paint-store chips, too small for anyone to accurately picture what your coverings will look like when finished. No wonder so many people are shocked and disappointed when the final result is so much different than what they had in mind!

Our approach means "what you see is what you get." On our website, pick any fabric swatch you like and you can immediately see what the window treatment will look like in place. No more anxiously waiting while you hope everything turns out the way you want - and disappointment when it doesn't!

Third ... you know what the total cost will be right up front.

No waiting to see what the final bill will be. No surprise charges from interior designer and installers! On our website all price quotes come up instantly, no hidden costs. What you see is what you pay.

Q. How can I be sure I get the measurements correct?

A. Correct measuring for your custom window treatments is surprisingly easy. Please click here to see our simple, straightforward measuring instructions.

Q. How can I be sure the window treatments I ordered will fit?

A. Most window treatments are designed to cover the outside of the window frame, so a few inches of variation seldom makes much difference. If you follow our simple measurement instructions, there is virtually no risk.

If you are working with a less flexible space, such as a sitting area between two walls, or mounting on the inside of a window frame, please let us know when placing your order. We will reduce the final product's size appropriately, to ensure the window treatment will fit correctly.

Q. Will the window treatments look as good as they do on the computer? Will the color actually match what's on the screen?

A. Fabrics usually look much better in real life than what you see on the computer screen. This is because photos can not capture all the fine details of fabric. So if you like what you see on the webpage, you will definitely love what you see when they arrive.

We have made every effort to ensure the pictures on our website reflect the true color of the fabric we put into our exquisite window coverings. However, every computer screen handles color a bit differently, so chances are the color you see on your screen will be slightly different than the real one. This isn't much of an issue for most people because any fabric will look slightly different depending on light conditions. For instance, at night, artificial light may give any fabric a bit more of a yellow tint than daylight. But if you have any concerns, you can order fabric swatches from us before ordering window treatments.

Deferent batches of fabric (dye lots) may have slight color variation. Various decorative pieces used on the window treatments (such as trims and tassels) may change slightly from time-to-time, depending on the availability of a specific material; we will notify you if a different material will be used for your order.

Q. Will I be able to install window treatments myself?

A. Absolutely! You don't need to be a skilled, "do-it-yourselfer!" Window treatments are very easy to install using common household tools. Most people can get the job done in less than an hour! So don't be intimidated. However sophisticated they may look, installing our luxurious products is really very simple.

For example, most of the valance is held on its frame by a sticky fabric fastener. This makes for easy placement and removal so it is completely failsafe for even the most inexperienced installer. (If you are unfamiliar with the term, a valance is a short, decorative drapery mounted across the top of a window to add a decorative effect, while concealing structural fixtures).

Drapery panels are simply hooked to the tracks or rods by rings much like those of a common shower curtain. The tracks and rods only require a few screws to mount to the wall or ceiling.

If you order our full sets of window treatment, your order will come with almost everything you need for easy installation ... all the tracks or rods (pre-cut to size), and mounting hardware. You will also get detailed installation instructions to ensure your success. In most cases, all you need at your end are a few simple hand tools (screw driver and hammer).

Your satisfaction and comfort are our goal. If you don't feel comfortable installing our window treatments yourself, you can easily find a local installer (your local telephone yellow pages, newspaper craftsman ads, and the Internet are all good potential sources for installers), or just ask our customer service department if they can locate a reputable third-party installer in your area. We'd be glad to help.

Q. What if I already have window blinds, can I still install your window treatments?

A. Yes. Because most window treatments are designed to cover the outside of the window frame, even if you already have window blinds or other coverings installed, you can still put window treatments on top of them.

Q. What if I don't find the window treatment design I want, can I use my own design and have you make it for me?

A. Yes. We are here to meet your needs. If you find an alternative window treatment design you like, (such as something you found in a magazine or saw at a friend’s house or hotel), just send us a few good quality photographs, scans or drawings (by submitting online, email or hard copy), and in most cases we will be able to accommodate your wishes. Remember, we are committed to getting you exactly what you want, at the best price possible!

With alternative designs, however, we do recommend that you use our fabric, because shipping costs for your own fabric to the maker may be quite expensive.

Q. Do you charge for shipping?

A. Nope. (Remember, we are going to save you money!) Shipping is completely free for orders over $99 (USD) total. For orders that total less than $99 there is a small shipping charge. You will see the exact amount for any shipping charges on smaller orders during the checkout process.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?

A. No, you don't have to pay sales tax for your order.

Q. What are my payment options?

A. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and Discover), personal or company checks, and money orders.

Pay with check or money order will save you 3%! You don't need to mail the check to us; simply take photo of the check with your phone and text to us. We can deposit from your check photo.

Or, you may just submit the order online without entering any payment information (submit order with "pay by check" option). We will contact you later to verify measurements and other information to ensure accuracy. At that time you may provide us your credit card numbers or by check. Your information will be secure and strictly protected.

We also accept money by wire. Please contact us for wiring instructions.

Q. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

A. Yes, we ship outside of the US, and for many countries, shipping is also free for orders over $99 (USD).

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. It typically takes about four to six weeks to create and ship these gorgeous custom-made products to your home. During busy times of the year, it may take a bit longer. Of course, we will let you know if there are any major delays in receiving your order.

Q. Where are the products made?

A. Our fine quality window treatments are exclusively hand-made by highly skilled tailors, each with years of experience in working with fine fabrics. To provide you with the highest quality products at the best possible price, many of our fine window treatments come from around the world and are shipped directly to you from the people who make these remarkable products. We associate only with high-quality workplaces under strict US supervision.

To better serve our valued customers, we service all of our products in our US facilities.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Because virtually all of our products are exclusively custom crafted to your individual specifications, they cannot be resold to someone else. For this reason, custom, made-to-order products cannot be returned. Also, because made-to-order products require custom cutting of material, your order cannot be cancelled once production has begun (usually within 24 hours after the order is finalized and payment is charged). Some changes can still be made during production but please call us to find out if this is possible and whether additional fees will be charged. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Some optional accessory items can be returned for full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. This does not include shipping. Decor Fabric sold by the yard will have a 49% restocking fee if returned.

Q. Do you guarantee your service?

A. Of course! We stand behind our products and service 100%. If you receive anything defective or incorrect from us, let us know immediately so we can resolve the issue.

Please note, it is normal for the size of the final, installed product to vary one or two inches from the original measurements and a few adjustments will usually correct any issue.

Our commitment is to the highest quality product and service for our customers. We understand sometimes mistakes happen, such as customer measurements simply being incorrect. If you made a mistake in measuring or ordering, please contact us as soon as possible. Oftentimes these issues can be solved by adjusting or remaking the tracks or rods rather than remaking the entire window treatment. You may return the product to us for alteration or we will have it remade for you at a reduced price.

If, in the very unlikely event a substantial mistake on our part does occur (such as our measurements being off more than a few inches, or having mistakenly used the wrong fabric without prior consent, etc.) we will either repair or remake part of, or the whole window treatment (depending on the circumstances) at no charge to you.

In the future, if you find a bit of wear and tear, or something gets damaged during use, give us a call and we will help you find a solution. Also, should you need to; you can purchase parts or matching fabrics from us to do your own repairs.

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly. We’re here to help!



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