Upload Photos

You may want to take a few photos of your windows and upload them to our website so we can review the photos and offer some suggestions. In much the same way as a boutique designer, we can offer suggestions on a variety of different things, such as:

· Which window treatment designs or fabrics are likely to be more suitable for a specific room, or decor ...
· Accurate measurements for your window treatments.

· Virtual result photo: If you already have some window treatment designs in mind, and you have photographs of your windows, we can superimpose the image of your selected design onto your photos and send them back to you, so you can see how they will look on your windows before the window treatments are ordered. We will do this free of charge for up to three window treatment designs per window. How many designers can offer you this option? And for free, no less!
To take advantage of this unique service, just select your design and options, upload your photos, and write a request for a “virtual result photo” in the “Comments” field; then place the order in the shopping cart. As you are going through the normal checkout process, simply select from “offline payment options” (such as “pay by check”) so your credit card won’t be charged. That’s all there is to it. We will email you the “Virtual result” as soon as possible!

When taking photos to send to us, it works best to compose the pictures so that the area around your windows (such as walls, ceiling and some floor and furniture) can also be seen. Context is everything. The more we can see of the space around the window, the better idea we will have about how the window treatment works in the room. We recommend you use the highest resolution possible when you take your pictures so we can enlarge them successfully.

Here are some tricks for taking window photographs. Windows are hard to successfully photograph, especially in daytime. If you are taking pictures during the daytime, try this trick: a bright window can make surrounding interiors appear dark and this makes them hard to see in a photograph. To solve this problem, first just point your camera lens towards a darker interior area (such as floor or a darker corner near the window), then press the shutter button only half-way so the camera will “lock” on to darker areas; then slowly move the lens back to the window (without releasing the shutter) and press the shutter all the way down to take the picture. Most of the time, you will get the right exposure for the surrounding interior.

If your camera does not have shutter-lock function, you may want to take the picture at night instead. In either case, turn the camera flash on (if it comes with one). Take multiple shots so you can pick out the better ones.

The photo upload function on our website only allows uploading one file for each item placed in the shopping cart. To upload multiple photos for a single item, you must first group them into a “zip” (compressed) file, and upload them as a single file. Most computers already have “zip” function installed. Just select all the files you want to “zip,” then right-click your mouse. In the “pop-up” dialog box select, “Send To: Compressed (zipped) folder”, or in some computers, select the “add to zip” option and your file will be compressed into a single “zip” file. If you don’t already have “zip” function in your computer, you can easily download free software for this purpose from the Internet.