BLUE RIVIERA - Swag Valance and Panels Set

MSRP: $2,557.13
Now: $394.26
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Transform your home into a sophisticated oasis with the Blue Riviera window treatment set. This expertly crafted set includes a double layer swag valance and matching panels, all made with premium quality materials and featuring a navy blue swag and cascade with a matching curtain border. Custom-made to fit any window size, this set is perfect for those looking to incorporate a traditional and riverbank theme into their home decor. The jewel-toned waves breaking along the shoreline add a dramatic touch to the treatment, while the graceful swags and cascades create the impression of motion and add a luxurious touch. The fringe trim with beads adds a shimmering touch, reflecting the sparkling light on the water and completing the sophisticated and refined look of this window treatment set.

Enhance the aesthetic of your room even further by adding sheer curtains or tiebacks to your window treatment for an additional cost. Sheer curtains allow soft, natural light to pass through while maintaining privacy, and tiebacks can be used to hold back curtains and add a decorative touch. This set is custom-made to fit your specific window size, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows.

Full set includes one valance, two panels, and the necessary mounting hardware (manual rods or tracks). Most people can easily install the set in less than an hour.

If you want to save on the cost of hiring expensive interior designers and installers, this set offers all the advantages of custom window coverings without the high price tag. You can order the full set or just the valance (which is about 60% of the cost of the full set). To place an order or speak to a design specialist, please call 1-877-480-7787.

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