Smart Universal Adaptor for Curtain Motors

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The smart universal adaptor allows the motorized curtain motor to be controlled by any switching outlet, including any brand of smart plugs. The universal adaptor makes it possible to incorporate the motorized curtain system into any existing smart home systems or none-smart switching outlets (such as hotel key switch-on outlet).

The smart universal adaptor can control the curtain motor either by a wired signal cable, or by an optional wireless transmitter.


Wired connecting method: 

Plug and connect each component as follows



  1. Your switching outlet, smart plug (can be any brand, or any switching/remote controlled outlet)
  2. Universal adaptor with USB charger (provided)
  3. Signal cable (phone cord, provided)
  4. Curtain motor. Use a separate plug or outlet to power the motor and keep the power on at all times.


Wireless control method: 

 An optional wireless transmitter can be added to the above setup to control the curtain motor remotely without physically connecting to the motor by a phone cord.



To operate

Turn the smart plug (or any switching outlet) on or off to control curtain open or close.



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