Motorized Curtain with Decorative Tracks/Rods

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These motorized curtain rods look exactly like regular decorative rods, perfect for people who like beautiful decorative finish and enjoy the convenience of automation at the same time. These rods can be used with Ring-hang panels as well as Grommet panels. The max length is 157". If you need a longer length or prefer track-style motorized curtains, please click here.

Not all things are created equal. The main difference between our motorized curtain system and a cheap $200 system is the motor. This German designed motor is a high-end professional-grade model; sleek, stylish, and delivers powerful torque capable of carrying curtains up to 110 lbs (typical weight for a curtain more than 8 ft wide). Our motor provides top-of-the-line features like super smooth and quiet operation, gentle start & stop, hand-push/pull curtain to start, automatic begin-end position setup, intermediate-stop memory, easy remote control pairing, smart-home integration (controlled by cell-phone, tablet, voice controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple products, etc.), and very low power consumption from the motor allows longer battery operation. The motor is fully configurable and programmable to fit for home, office, hotel use.

Why do you need a professional-grade motorize curtain system? It is like buying a car; you are better-off choosing a slightly more expensive model over a low-grade cheap one for reliability, features and luxury. The same idea applies to picking a motorized curtain system that can deliver the best experience for home automation.

Our tracks/rods are custom cut-to-fit and are easy to install. They may be shipped in sections but simple to assemble. With an optional battery pack, the entire installation can be cordless. The large capacity battery can last up to a year with just a single charge!

Don’t worry about the unsightly motor; it will be hidden by the drapery panel once the panel is installed. If you are planning to install multiple tracks together, for example: one for the curtain and one for the sheer, you may place a single order and select a quantity of 2, or place two orders with one for each track. Just indicate your order is for a “Multi-Track System” so we can provide the proper hardware.

We also make custom draperies which will perfectly tailor to your motorized curtain system. To see all the drapery options, CLICK HERE.  To learn how to determine the width of the rod needed, CLICK HERE.

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